Vivo S1 – 4 Latest Plusher smartphones With Amazing Rear Camera Setup


Vivo S1, the hot looking smartphone by the company, is getting a discounted price cut by several online mobile portals. The Vivo S1 which was launched forRs 17,990 back out now has got a discount price of Rs 1000. It is one of the most sought after smartphones in the Indian markets and it is expected to have great demand till the end of this fiscal year. There are many handsets in the market that is selling for much more and so this discount offer from the Vivo S1 is really a good opportunity for the buyers to buy the high end smartphone in India at a cost they can afford easily.

The Vivo S1 comes with several unique features which differentiate it from its counterparts in the market. Some of these include advanced power saving technology, metal body, dual screen and many other add ons which make it a great device. One of the unique features of the Vivo S1 which makes it so popular among the smartphone lovers is its Android OS 4.4 based operating system. The phone has been designed and developed especially keeping in mind the requirements of the android enthusiasts which enables it to run smoothly and flawlessly. It has been designed using the latest technologies and also packs a lot of memory which helps the users to store large number of files and pictures.

Some of the variants of the Vivo S1 price include the models which come with double core 1.5 gbps modem, four gb ram, and two variants with 2.5 gb ram and 16 gb storage. These handsets are well equipped with most of the advanced features which are required by an elite class user. The other variant which comes with a lower price is the one with two gb memory and eight gb storage. There is another variant with three variants namely the standard, mid range and high end handsets which come with a single gb memory and a single mega pixel camera. All the handsets which have been specifically customized to meet the demands of the android enthusiasts provide you with the same excellent technology and experience.

One of the amazing features of the Vivo S1 is that it can perform multi-tasking very efficiently. This is possible due to its incredible fast speed and brilliant processing power which allows it to easily switch between different tasks without any delay. The other fantastic feature of this gadget is that it has an impressive camera with image stabilization which ensures that you get clear images even when you are moving or doing something strenuous. The camera is complimented with a wide-angle lens and an aperture priority mode which allows the user to adjust the shutter speed and enable the auto focusing facility. It also has an advanced notification system which provides users with various information such as text messages, emails, alerts, calendar etc which enhance the efficiency of the device.

A unique selling feature of the Vivo S1 is the fact that it has the ability to capture videos in the same quality as pictures. You can also use the front-facing camera of the device to take a good quality selfies. This is possible owing to the optical zoom and image stabilization which allows the user to capture beautiful shots without any loss of quality. The depth sensor of the smartphone can be used for different purposes such as detecting a person hiding behind a object, detecting movement in the distance and playing games etc.

This handset has a powerful Adreno engine with the ability to perform multi tasking and the Android interface which comes with tons of widgets such as Google Maps, Gmail, docs, etc. You can also use it to browse the internet, watch movies, music, etc. The vivid colors along with the stunning resolution help you to enjoy a flawless multimedia experience. With the supreme clarity and brilliant resolution you get the clarity of a 5 mega pixel camera with the stunning resolution of a 6 mega pixels camera giving you the freedom to enjoy an excellent Selfie experience.

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